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Who needs a Health & Wellness Coach?

Do you listen to what your body is telling you? Are you paying attention to your nutritional needs?


In addition to what we fuel our body with, you and I will focus on your overall wellness because sometimes “it is not just about what you are eating, rather what’s eating you”  that is affecting your health and wellness.

  • Someone who wants to lose weight and needs an accountability partner

  • Someone who wants to improve overall wellbeing, feel more energized, stronger, positive and happy

  • Someone who has been given dietary recommendations from their doctor and needs support in achieving those goals

*I am NOT a licensed medical professional.  I do NOT treat, diagnose or prescribe.  I simply educate, encourage, recommend and support simple lifestyle changes based on my own certifications, education and experience.  Please seek a licensed medical professional or licensed therapist if you are in need of immediate medical attention or before you make any changes to your diet or exercise.

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