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Guilt free, gluten free, Veggie Pizza!

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Nutritious, delicious and easy to make. I do not use the word delicious, lightly. This recipe is a true gem packed full of flavor and fiber.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my recent post regarding this recipe.

It got so much attention and I received numerous requests for this gluten free veggie pizza recipe that I had to share it.

I wish I could take the credit for inventing this beautiful dish but I’m more than happy to share this delightful dish. For the full recipe click here!

Some helpful tips worth noting:

  • Both the Parmesan and the Mozzarella in the recipe can be substituted by their vegan substitutions in order to adapt it for Vegans

  • I use cauliflower that is already riced and sold in the freezer section of the supermarket.

  • Read labels on the marinara sauce to ensure that you are using one with the least amount of sugar, or use homemade sauce with no added sugar. (you would be surprised at how much sugar is in jarred spaghetti sauce)


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